The following reference list contains an excerpt of the projects that LagoMare Shiptec has carried out or supported on behalf of the shipping company, the shipyard or partner companies in project and / or construction management:

Vessel Shipping Company Area
AIDAcara AIDA Cruises a.o.t. Art Gallery, Selection Restaurant
AIDAaura AIDA Cruises a.o.t. Wikiki Lounge, Art Gallery, Photoshop, Selection Restaurant
AIDAdiva AIDA Cruises a.o.t. Pool Coating Indoor/Outdoor
AIDAprima AIDA Cruises Pax-Cabins, Suites
AIDAperla AIDA Cruises

Spray Bar, Discotheque, Nightclub Wet Units Junior Suites Deck, AIDA Plaza

Crystal Bach Crystal Cruises a.o.t. Restaurants, Pool, Fitness, Wheelhouse (on the part of the shipyard)
MS Europa Hapag Lloyd Spa Suites, Bar “Gadsby”, Europa Restaurant, Restaurant “Venezia”
MS Europa 2 Hapag Lloyd Sakura Restaurant, Family Suites, Belvedere, Cruise Sale, Herrenzimmer, Conference Room
Kong Harald Hurtigruten Restaurant, Bistro, Promenade, Public Toilets
Nordkapp Hurtigruten Restaurant, Bistro, Promenade, Public Toilets
Polarlys Hutigruten Restaurant, Bistro, Promenade, Public Toilets
National Geographic urance Lindblad Expeditions New Building Norway
Amera Phoenix Reisen                Gold Suites
Artania Phoenix Reisen                Four Season Restaurant, Royal Suites, Mock up- Suites
Stena Estrid Stena Line New Building China
Mein Schiff 1 TUI Cruises Wet Units Junior Suites Deck 10              
Mein Schiff 2/Herz TUI Cruises Suites Deck 10 / Meerleben / X-Lounge           
Mein Schiff 4 TUI Cruises Suite Sun Deck
MY Graceful Privatyacht Galley, Pantries, Officer Cabins, Wheelhouse

Successfully completed projects provide us with the most beautiful appreciation.

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